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Over the past 20 years, WMS Gaming has established a formidable reputation in the world of slots gaming. Does Spartacus continue that trend? We think you are going to be pretty pleased with this title. Beyond the visual punch of the game, Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome can be something of a dream for all-limit players.

Spartacus Slot Review

Spartacus endeavors to present a fast-paced, endlessly engaging game. Utilizing the legend of the gladiator Spartacus as its backdrop, it certainly delivers an experience that should appeal to newcomers and experienced slot players alike.

The Colossal Reels feature has been included with WMS titles before, to great fanfare and reception from players around the world. If you loved that feature in other WMS games, you will certainly be pleased to see its inclusion here. Spartacus offers two sets of reels, a smaller 5X4 array of reels, and then the bigger 5X12 set of reels. With as little as 0.50 per two lines, you can play across all one hundred pay lines. This is just one element to Spartacus that you will want to get excited about, but it’s not the only element by a long shot. You will also want to take advantage of the opportunity to utilize transferring wilds, stacked symbols, scatters, and even several free spin opportunities.

Visually speaking, Spartacus offers a crisp, even beautiful experience. Symbols include the legendary Spartacus himself, in addition to female gladiator symbols, helmet symbols, lion symbols, shield symbols, the logo of Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome itself, and many others. You will want to note that in Spartacus, the logo is wild for any symbol. The only exception would be the Colosseum, which operates as the scatter. The Colosseum will only appear along the first, third, and fifth reels at both the Main and Colossal Reel sets. Stacked wild symbols on your Main Reel sets can be transferred to your Colossal Reel. In doing so, the odds of creating a winning combination will rise considerably.

If you can score 3 or more Colosseums on both of your reel sets, you will set off the Free Spins element. The number of Free Spins/multipliers you will get is going to depend keenly on how many scatters set off the element.

In the end, it is worth mentioning again that this is a great title for all-limit fanatics. Beyond the fact that this game works nicely with a variety of devices, numerous options for bet sizes is really nice to have

Top Cat Slot

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Top Cat

top cat slot machineDefinitely one of the most popular cartoons of the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, most people that are playing slots today are going to remember Top Cat from their early childhood as a furry little cartoon friend that visited every Saturday morning.

Today though, you are going to be able to reunite with Top Cat once again by playing the slot machine that has been created with characters and settings from this world famous cartoon. You’ll be able to see the old crew again while playing slots!


Pretty similar to your standard online slot machine game, the first thing you are going to notice about this Top Cat slot is how accurately they have represented the overall feel of this legendary cartoon.

Seriously, it’s almost uncanny how accurately they have been able to hit the high notes of the back alley where Top Cat and his crew would meet each and every episode before putting together their schemes and their capers that would inevitably fall apart at the seams.

The atmosphere of this slot machine is top-notch, and it’s going to account for hours and hours of gameplay. The whole experience is definitely going to be memorable, that’s for sure.


The gameplay of Top Cat is very simple and straightforward (like most every other online slot machine out there), and you’ll have five different reels to play with 20 different pay lines that you have the opportunity to hit every single time you spin the wheel.

Betting is very simple and straightforward as well, and you’ll be able to place a bit of room bet of a single penny if that’s what you are interested in – though you won’t be able to hit any of the bonuses if you go in that direction.

We will touch on those bonuses in just a moment.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that a slot machine built on the back of one of the most popular and influential cartoons of all time would have top-notch graphics, and that’s exactly what the Top Cat slot machine game has on full display.

Not only that, but the sound effects – and the voice acting of Top Cat himself – are also off the charts and make for a very special gameplay experience.

Special Feature

There are multiple different bonuses that fall under the category of “The Master Plan”, with five different bonuses giving you the chance to win everything between a free spin, a double bet at regular cost, and unlimited free spins until you hit one of the jackpots.

Final verdict

Top Cat is quickly becoming one of the most popular online/mobile slot machine games on the planet and you want to be sure that you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Cleopatra Slot Machine

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People all over the world had been holding out hope for years that the original Cleopatra slot machine would finally make it to the world of online and mobile slots, and now that it is finally here folks have been going absolutely crazy for everything that it brings to the table.

Certainly one of the most popular slot machine games ever produced, Cleopatra (the original Cleopatra slot machine) has finally made the transition to the digital world and it’s been very well received.

To learn a little bit more about everything that the Cleopatra slot machine has to offer (and whether or not it’s worth playing) you’ll want to check out everything that we have to say below.


Cleopatra is one of the few slot machine games out there that gives you the opportunity to bet the smallest amount of currency possible (we’re talking about a single cent, year) while still giving you the opportunity to cash in big time – especially if you play all five reels and utilize all 20 different pay lines.


Gameplay for Cleopatra is very simple, very smooth, and very intuitive.

It didn’t become one of the most popular slot machines in human history by being difficult to play, that’s for sure!
There is a 10,000 coin jackpot that you can’t land by having five Cleopatra logos on the reels that you spin, but there’s also the potential to dramatically improve those winnings significantly if you get any of the Sphinx symbols on your reels.

Free plays pop up left and right (some say more than any other game out there) and that means you’ll be able to continue to play this slot machine even after you’ve run out of your bankroll.


Like most every other modern IGT designed and developed online slot machine the graphics here are exceptional.
Ancient Egyptian aesthetics are all over this game (for obvious reasons), and you’ll find these graphics to be rich and colorful enough to draw you in but never overwhelming unknown to detract from your overall gameplay experience.

Special Feature

The free spins that you’re able to trigger when you get multiple Sphinx symbols on your reels have to be the most significant special feature that Cleopatra as to showcase.

As highlighted above, a lot of people feel like Cleopatra offers more free spins and pretty much any other mobile or online slot machine out there. When you see a couple of Sphinx symbols pop up you know you are going to be landing some bonus rounds!

Final verdict

There is absolutely zero reason whatsoever to hesitate even a moment longer and wait on playing Cleopatra, especially if you haven’t ever had the opportunity to play this slot machine game before.
It’s finally here in the digital world, and it’s already taking the online/mobile slot machine community by storm. Check out all of the action today!

Casper’s Mystery Mirror

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A Review of Casper’s Mystery Mirror

 You can find dozens of slot machine games online. Built around popular themes, these games provide a wide variety of options that you can carefully select between to find the slot machine game that speaks to your style of play. Making this in part possible are the incredible range of games offered by companies. For example, Casper’s Mystery Mirror, by Blueprint Gaming offers a spooky and fun take on a similar formula. Is it worth your time and consideration?

Let’s take a moment to find out exactly what this game has to offer.

Casper’s Mystery Mirror

Casper’s Mystery Mirror is an online slot machine game best known for its atmosphere and larger than average reels. The game provides 5 columns. More than most other Blueprint Games creations, Casper’s Mystery Mirror comes with a total of 40 pay slots to choose from. A win will occur any time you land 3 or more consecutive symbols along any pay line. You can choose the coin value, which will change the amount you get in terms of a payout. When playing, you will want to keep an eye out for the Casper symbol, which will pay out roughly 500 coins when landing 5 in a row. This can lead to multiple wins. Finally, the auto mode for spinning can be set to 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 consecutive spins.

What Makes Casper’s Mystery Mirror Unique?

A little spooky, Casper’s Mystery Mirror is heavily theme driven both in its aesthetics and its gameplay bonuses and options. While this will be a definite bonus to some, others may not appreciate it as much. Along with a strong theme, Casper’s Mystery Mirror offers the ability for people to win multiple times in a single spin. The chances for this creates a lot of excitement and potential when playing. Nice animations on the reels ensure that characters come to life and entertain when you win.

What Do Players Think Of Casper’s Mystery Mirror?

People either love it or hate it, depending on whether or not they like the theme and the spooky setting. There is plenty here to keep a person interested if they don’t mind the theme. In general, Casper’s Mystery Mirror receives the above average rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Putting It All Together

If you like Casper, then you will love Casper’s Mystery Mirror. If you want a game where things are a little more straightforward, then consider one of the other games made by Blueprint Gaming.

Sizzling Hot Slot Machine

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Sizzling Hot

The people that Novomatic (some of the most experienced and skillful online game developers around) have had blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit when it comes to digital slot machines, but the Sizzling Hot slot machine has really taken things to an entirely different level.

Quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular digital slot machine games you’ll ever have the opportunity to play, and available at hundreds and hundreds of different online casinos, this is everything you’ve been looking for in a brand-new digital slot machine and then some!


Simplicity is the name of the game when you are playing the Sizzling Hot slot machine, and this title is very much designed for those that are just getting started in the world of online slot machine gambling.
Rather than completely overwhelm you with all different kinds of reels and more pay line scan you could ever hope to keep track of, this game instead to get you five of each (as opposed to the classic three and three).
This really streamlines things significantly but doesn’t at all negatively impact your ability to bit small and win big. You may have to tailor your betting strategy a little bit (especially if you are used to playing games with 20 or more pay lines), but the adjustment isn’t going to be that tough.


As we touched upon above, everything about this game has been streamlined considerably to provide you with the kind of effortlessly straightforward gaming experience so many people are after.
The reel and pay line set up is deliberately very manageable (and likely always will be), and the style of gameplay guarantees that you will be able to play the slot machines for hours and hours on end without ever blowing through your budget.


The graphics of this game are very simple, very straightforward, and very understated just like pretty much everything else.
You’ll find everything looks a little bit more “throwback” than most major releases today, and replacing the glitz and glamour of most modern digital slot machines you’ll find a very retro aesthetic that is becoming even more popular today than it ever was before.

Special Feature

The “Scatter Star” is the kind of symbol that you want to hit upon as it’s going to give you 1000 times your original bet on any five of the kind strike.
This is the kind of special feature that more slot machines are shooting for, but it’s one that most haven’t been able to implement quite as successfully as Sizzling Hot has been able to.

Final verdict

Now’s the time to dive into everything that the Sizzling Hot slot machine has to offer.

Still relatively new (but already tremendously popular), you don’t want to miss out on anything that this game has to offer experienced and brand-new online slot players alike.

Lobstermania Slots

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Definitely one of the most unique online slot machine games you are going to come across these days, Lobstermania is a bit of a bizarro title as far as the design is concerned – but the gameplay is fast-paced, action oriented, and the chance to win big is significant.

Developed by the folks at IGT (International Game Technology, the developers responsible for some of the most popular online gambling games ever created), you are going to want to make sure to check out everything that this title has to offer just as soon as you get the chance to!


This game – Lobstermania – is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill slot machine by any stretch of the imagination.

Absolutely everything about this game is a little bit out there and off the wall, but that’s what you’re going to expect from a title named Lobstermania in the first place!

The graphics are little bit crazy, the sounds are a little bit kooky, but the gameplay is rock solid and the potential to win significantly sized jackpots definitely exist.


Speaking of the gameplay behind Lobstermania, there are five different playable reels that you are going to be able to spin each and every single time you hit the button and they are going to be 20 different pay lines that you will be able to bet on as well.

Minimum bets started a single penny (and maximum bets are incredibly affordable on a per spin basis), giving everyone the opportunity to dive right into this popular slot game without having to worry about breaking their bank account along the way.


The look and feel of Lobstermania is quite a bit different than many of the other popular slot machine games out there on the market today, but that’s what helps to separate this title from all the others.

There is a very cartoony kind of look behind this game, but the overall feel and polish of this slot title is off the charts!

Special Feature

Not only do you have the chance to win significant progressive jackpots that build higher and higher as you – and everyone else around the world – play this game, but you also have the opportunity to win free spins, bonus spins and other “mystery extras” that we wouldn’t want to spoil for you.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, there are lots and lots of different online games to play when it comes to slot machines. But when you are looking for something new, something fun, and something a little bit different (and maybe even off of the beaten path), Lobstermania is the game for you!

Double Bubble Slot

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Double Bubble

Certainly one of the most exciting online slot machine games from developer GameSYS, you’ll be able to get hours and hours of enjoyment out of Double Bubble.


A full-blown retro style slot machine re-created perfectly on the computer or your mobile device, you’re going to find the Double Bubble slot machine to give you that throwback kind of “Old Vegas” play style so many people are after these days.

All of your favorite and traditional slot machine symbols are here (complete with the Super 7 and the BAR symbol), and the overall look and feel of this mobile/computer slot machine is about as vintage as it gets.

You’ll have the opportunity to start your bets off that just one penny and have the chance to win a jackpot of $20,000 – but when you combine the double rewards (the reason behind the Double Bubble name) you’ll have the chance to win even more!


Gameplay is super simple and straightforward, with you having the opportunity to play between one and three different reels. Depending upon your bet you’ll have the chance to hit the Double Bubble bonus (there are two of them) and if you land on that spot you’re going to be able to multiply your winnings dramatically.

A winning pull is going to be represented by old-school “melons”, but if you hit a bunch of grapes are bunch of cherries in a row you’re going to go right over the top as well. Be on the lookout for Super 7s or a “full boat” of BARs, as that’s going to be a big-time payout as well!


As we highlighted above, the graphics behind this slot machine are as vintage and retro as they get but that’s a big part of the field were behind Double Bubble.

You’ll feel like you are playing a slot machine in the heyday of Las Vegas when it was first getting started, and it’s definitely something different from the glitz and glam you’re probably used to from most modern online slot machines.

Special Feature

Double Bubbles are the special feature that you’ll want to be on the lookout for here. If you hit any of these bonuses your winnings are going to shoot right through the roof, and you’ll know it immediately since the “JACKPOT” will be triggered!

Final verdict

At the end of the day, you are going to fall head over heels in love with everything that Double Bubble brings to the table. It’s far and away one of the best mobile slot machine games you can play!

Kings Ransom Wild Knights Slot Game

Kings Ransom Wild Knights Review

While the Wild Knights slots game from U.K. company Barcrest didn’t exactly set the world on fire, it did provide players with plenty of excitement. Tons of challenge, a plethora of features, and a straightforward experience that even novices could pick up and play were just a few of its defining features.

Now, Wild Knights and Barcrest are back with a new addition to the franchise. King’s Ransom endeavors to offer a little more visual and sonic flair for players. At the same time, the game works to bring you the gameplay and features you would expect from Barcrest. On both of those fronts, Wild Knights King’s Ransom has a lot that is worth getting excited about.

King’s Ransom Wild Knights Slot Review

Don’t be turned off by the fact that this 5X3/10 pay line slot game is in 2D. The renderings are nonetheless quite gorgeous, while the music and sound are more than adequate. As is often the case with Barcrest games, you can also expect pot bonuses, and free spins. The element of both shifting and stacking wilds is something else you will appreciate. 0.10 credits as the minimum means virtually anyone can try this game out at a low potential risk. If you want to put more on the table, you can wager as much as 30 credits. This makes King’s Ransom suitable for a wide range of players, from the experienced, to those who are just beginning to explore the potential of a good slots game.

And King’s Ransom is definitely a solid example of what we mean by a good slots game. The staggered RTP offers a great deal. While the 0.10-1.00 credit bets offer a long-term payout of 94%, things can get really interesting, when you are willing to make some bigger bets. Adding 2.00 or more credits to your bet ups the RTP to around 96%. If you score a win that’s greater than 5.00 credits, you will be whisked away to the Round Table bonus opportunity. Hitting this will cause a round table to spin in front of you, which will give you a multiplier or choice of knight for your unlimited-free-spin bonus chance. The free spin round is definitely the chance you’ve been waiting for, when it comes to coming out of this game a big winner.

King’s Ransom isn’t going to reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t really need to. The game offers a simple, fun experience that will please more often than not.

Crown Gems Hi-Roller Slots

Crown Gems Hi-Roller

If you are new to playing slots, it stands to reason that you’re going to want something that’s easy to play. At the same time, it also stands to reasons that you are going to want something that offers plenty of potential to win big. Finally, you should also look for something that offers a wide range of features, yet arranges everything in such a way that playing (and winning) is remarkably straightforward from start to finish.

On all of those fronts, it is well worth your time and energy to check out Crown Gems Hi-Roller. The game is currently being seen by many as the one of the best slots games currently on the market. With a maximum jackpot of five thousand coins, this 5-reel/50 pay line slot game certainly knows how to make you feel like a winner.

Crown Gems Hi-Roller Slot Review

In terms of gameplay, Crown Gems Hi-Roller certainly seems to believe that simplicity is the right way to go. The game is a breeze to pick up, understand, and play effectively. At the same time, in terms of graphics, music, and features, Crown Gems Hi-Roller aspires to be much more than simple. The grandeur with this game is unmistakable and impressive.

You have right-to-left, left-to-right, and central paying win lines. Line up the diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds to score big. The nice thing about this base game is the fact that only the highest wins will be paid for each line you play. Your line win will then be multiplied according to the stake-per-line. Remember that each line pay must occur on adjacent reels. Furthermore, don’t forget that a pay line must consider the notion that a win on multiple pay lines will be added together. Your total line bets will need to be divided equally between your active pay lines. Your total bet is going to be considered the varied number of lines that are multiplied by your cash bets at each line. You can’t register a win without an active pay line.

The Hi-Roller feature is another attractive element to Crown Gems Hi-Roller. Essentially, the feature works at giving you the chance to unlock more pay lines. With a 96.08% expected payback rate, your odds of coming out on top in this game are impressive, if only on the basic level.

Nonetheless, no one is going to accuse Crown Gems Hi-Roller of being a basic slots game. Excellent features combine flawlessly with stunning graphics.

Mega Moolah Slots

Mega Moolah

There are already hundreds and hundreds of different online/mobile slot machine games available for folks all over the world to play, but that’s what makes the popularity of Mega Moolah stand out so much.

After all, you have to be bringing something very special to the table as a salon machine game if you are going to be able to attract the kind of attention – and then sustain that popularity over time – when you’re up against such stiff competition.

Find out exactly what makes Mega Moolah so special below!


The most enticing thing about this online/mobile slot machine game has to be its visually stunning graphics and the high definition sound effects that it produces while you play, but you cannot ignore the for progressive jackpots that this game gives you the opportunity to win, either!

This game really has it all, giving beginners at the game of slots the opportunity to jump right in on all the action while also making sure that more experienced slot machine players – those that have a bit of a strategy down pat – will be able to enjoy as well.

It really doesn’t get much better than this!


Mega Moolah is a game that draws a lot of attention thanks to the four progressive jackpots it provides players with the chance to win, but even when you aren’t diving headfirst into that kind of action you’ll still be able to win free spends every now and again.

Gameplay is very simple and straightforward, the maximum bet is locked at just $6.25, and you have the chance to bet clear across all reels as they are in action.

All of this is going to result in a streamlined gameplay experience that is tough to top!


As we highlighted earlier in this review, you’ll find the graphics behind Mega Moolah to be some of the very best graphics we’ve ever seen in any slot machine (online as well as off).

They are certainly a star of the show and are reason enough to play this slot machine game, though you’re obviously going to try and do your best to win just as often as you can!

Special Feature

All the different special features that Mega Moolah puts on full display the most impressive has to be the four individual progressive jackpots that you’ll have the chance to hit.

This game has paid out the highest jackpot ever one on a mobile slot machine game ($3.7 million in cash), and a lot of that is all thanks to the progressive jackpots.

Final verdict

Those looking to dive right into some pretty serious online slot machine action are going to want to take a very close look at everything that the Mega Moolah game has to offer. It isn’t going to disappoint!