Worms Slot

Worms Slot Game Online


The Worms slot game is themed upon the very popular 1990s Team17 computer game “Worms”, and just like this great game back in the day, the Worms slot machine has become very popular both online and offline on the FOBTs in bookies like Betfred and William Hill.
Worms is a great slot game if you are the kind of player who loves an action packed slot machine full of bonuses, as just like Team17’s computer game, this slot is seriously packed with action and explosive wins.

If you like a flutter on the slots in UK bookmakers like Betfred, then there is no doubt that you will have come across this great slot game before, as it has been a huge success on the FOBTs. These days however, there is no need to venture out your house to play the Worms slot machine, as this game can now be played at many of the most reputable online casinos.

The Worms slot machine online is exactly the same as what you will have played before in a bookmakers, there is no difference in gameplay, and all the bonus rounds are exactly the same, the only difference you will notice is that the betting restrictions are lifted, and you are no longer restricted to betting just £1 – £2 per spin. In fact you can bet less, or if you like you can bet more. When playing the Worms slots online you can spin the reels for anything in between 1p per spin and £400 per spin. So as you can see this great slot machine suit all levels of gambler, from the small time to the high rollers.


Worms Mobile App And More
If you are looking for a Worms slot game app to play on your iPhone or Android device, then as far as we know there is only one place to get this at the moment and that is at the William Hill online casino. Not only at William Hill can you get the mobile Worms slot, but the Worms slot machine for mobile or when playing online is slightly different when playing at William Hill, and that is because it comes with several progressive jackpot, as part of the William Hill Vegas Millions games. And this is what make William Hill undoubtedly the best place you can play Worms slots online or on your mobile.

When playing Worms slots at any other online casino, to win really big, you have to bet really big. The highest stake is £400 per spin, making the highest jackpot £200,000. However if you play at William Hill, not only do you still get this standard jackpot, but you also get the progressive jackpots, the highest of which starts at £1,000,000 and can be won off any playing stake, so as you can see it is much wiser to play Worms slot machines online at William Hill than any other casino. The progressive jackpot comes in several levels and is joined to several other slot machines at William Hill Vegas, one of them being the fantastic Harry Trotter slot machine. So if you are looking for a seriously big win, and a great casino with many of the best slot machines, check out .