Harry Trotter Slot

Play The Harry Trotter Slot Machine Online (The Pig Wizard)



For quite some time now Harry Trotter has been a very popular slot machine in UK bookmakers on the FOBTs, and with its great theme and unique bonus rounds, it is no wonder Harry Trotter slots have gained such popularity.

Harry Trotter is themed on (spoofed) the series of Harry Potter books and movies, however instead of having a magical kid, Harry Trotter slots come with their very own magical pig, hence “Trotter”.

About The Harry Trotter Slot Machine

For some reason when playing online slot machines people tend to think that the slot machine available to play online is somehow different to the one they play in their bookies, and that they game is not the same. This is not true, the game you play online is exactly the same game that you play in a land based gambling venue. When playing Harry Trotter slots online, the machine is still played over five reels and comes with twenty different pay-lines.

Harry Trotter online still has all the same great bonus rounds which you would find on the machine in your bookmakers, to put it simple, Harry Trotter slots online are no different to the ones you have already played in a bookies such as Betfred or Coral.

Harry Trotter Mobile App For iPhone And Android

If you are looking to play Harry Trotter slots on your mobile such as an iPhone or an Android then there is only one place online where you can get the Harry Trotter app from, and that is the William Hill online casino. William Hill is also one of the best places to play Harry Trotter slots online too, and that is because they have a special Harry Trotter machine like no other. At William Hill, Harry Trotter is part of William Hills Vegas Slots. This means that the slot at William Hill comes with a progressive jackpot which starts at £1,000,000 and at this moment in time is at £1,500,000.

The progressive pot can be won paying Harry Trotter The Pig Wizard on your mobile phone such as an iPhone, or playing online on your laptop or PC. Harry Trotter is not the only slot with this great jackpot, the jackpot can be won by playing one of several slots, one of which being the much loved , a great slot based on the classic 1990s computer game. So if you are looking for that seriously big win when playing Harry Trotter, we highly recommend that you visit the  or you can check out other .