Monopoly Big Event Slot Machine



In the UK you will find many of different Monopoly slot machines both online, and offline in arcades. These range from standard pub fruit machines, to multi pay-line video slots, the kind you can find in casinos and bookies such as Ladbrokes and Betfred. Recently Barcrest launched their brand new “Monopoly Big Event” slot machine, and it has proven a big success with slot players all over the UK, and if you have ever played this great machine off-line in a bookies, you will be happy to know you can now play Monopoly Big Event online at a few select casinos.

“Big Event” is the second Barcrest slot machine to come with a “Big Game” button, the same feature that can be found on Barcrests “Ooh Aah Dracula” slot machine (High Roller Game). This adds an exciting twist and new way for a player to play the machine, at a higher payout percentage, meaning a quicker way to gain the much loved bonus game.


The standard game of Monopoly Big Event can be played at a stake range of between 25p per spin, and up to as much as £500 per spin. When playing the Big Game, a player can either choose from a £20 option or a £30 option, both options come with an advanced payout percentage of 99%. However you only get five spins at a £1 stake.

Buying into the Big Game at a £20 stake will see you getting five spins at enhanced odds of 99%, on the progressive multiplier game. Basically what happens here is you start off on a multiplier of one, and progressively make your way up to a five times multiplier on your final fifth spin. All line wins are multiplied by the given amount, and chances of unlocking the main Monopoly bonus game are seriously increased due to the enhanced odds.

When buying into the Big Game at a £30 stake, you still get the enhanced odds of 99%, but you also get to spin the wheel to choose your bonus game. The wheel can be seen in the above screen shots. The wheel has three options, one of the options is the same as what is available on the £20 stake game. The second option is five super spins, all spins coming with a five times multiplier. The third and best option is called Persisting Wilds”. In my opinion, this gives you the best chance of opening the main bonus game, as any scatter symbol is held on the reels throughout the game, and also acts as a wild symbol.

The Monopoly Big Event Main Bonus Game

Unlike all other Monopoly slot machines developed by Barcrest, Monopoly Big Event slots do not use the traditional Monopoly board game in bonus round. Instead the bonus game is based around a free spins game.

A player enters the bonus game by revealing three scatter symbols on the reels. Once the feature becomes active, before the free spins start, the player is presented with “community chest” and “chance” cards. The chance cards will reveal which of the three free spins bonuses you will play, whilst the community chest cards will reveal how many free spins the player will receive.

If you have never played this great Barcrest slot machine before, the why not try it out in demo mode? Alternatively, you can check out our page and have some completely free spins. Above you can play Monopoly Big Events slots online for free, with a demo game balance of £1000.