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Pink Panther slots online

Play Pink Panther Cash Slot Game

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A Review of Pink Panther Slot Machine

Playtech has created many slot machine games that have found their ways in front of people across the world. Focusing on high energy and engaging gameplay, Playtech uses the rights to various themes in order to produce experiences that bring people back again and again. So, how does Pink Panther compare to other online slot machine games? Let’s take a moment to compare and see if Pink Panther is worth your time.

Pink Panther

Pink Panther slotPink Panther is an online slot machine game best known for being very funny. It provides 5 columns with 50 paylines for online play. Pink Panther includes Playtech’s popular progressive jackpot. Along with providing more and more winnings over time, it ensures that people will continue to enjoy playing again and again. Bets can range from a single cent to up to 2 dollars per line. There is a maximum of 10 credits per line, meaning that you can bet upwards of $800 per spin. Pink Panther offers a set of bonuses that show up randomly during the game. Bonuses include the Crack the Pink Code, Pin Pow, Pink Bonus, and Color Pink Bonus.

What Makes Pink Panther Unique?

At the beginning of the review, we stated that Pink Panther is best known for being really funny. Putting in a great deal of humor into the game, slot enthusiasts love the atmosphere created by the game as well as the progressive jackpot. All in all, the imagery of Pink Panther is well placed and the bonuses help to unify the theme and feel of the game. The end result is a fun experience that will keep most people coming back again and again.

What Do Players Think Of Pink Panther?

The progressive jackpot and bonuses are what players love the most. The funny attitude of the game is another big draw. Rating for the game remain above average with a standard rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Allowing complexity hidden behind a simple, easy to operate interface, Pink Panther manages to tie together the theme of the slot with the gameplay.

Putting It All Together

If you like humor, then consider Pink Panther. If you like being able to place small bets, then Pink Panther is what you should be considering. If you want to place larger more serious bets and have a more straightforward system, then consider going with some of the competition. In addition, if you don’t like the Pink Panther, then you are better off with a different Playtech game.