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Mega Moolah Slots Machine


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Mega Moolahmoolah slot machine

There are already hundreds and hundreds of different online mobile slots machine games available for folks all over the world to play, but that’s what makes the popularity of Mega Moolah stand out so much.

After all, you have to be bringing something very special to the table as a salon machine game if you are going to be able to attract the kind of attention – and then sustain that popularity over time – when you’re up against such stiff competition.

Find out exactly what makes Mega Moolah so special below!


The most enticing thing about this online/mobile slot machine game has to be its visually stunning graphics and the high definition sound effects that it produces while you play, but you cannot ignore the for progressive jackpots that this game gives you the opportunity to win, either!

This game really has it all, giving beginners at the game of slots the opportunity to jump right in on all the action while also making sure that more experienced slot machine players – those that have a bit of a strategy down pat – will be able to enjoy as well.

It really doesn’t get much better than this!


Mega Moolah is a game that draws a lot of attention thanks to the four progressive jackpots it provides players with the chance to win, but even when you aren’t diving headfirst into that kind of action you’ll still be able to win free spends every now and again.

Gameplay is very simple and straightforward, the maximum bet is locked at just $6.25, and you have the chance to bet clear across all reels as they are in action.

All of this is going to result in a streamlined gameplay experience that is tough to top!


As we highlighted earlier in this review, you’ll find the graphics behind Mega Moolah to be some of the very best graphics we’ve ever seen in any slot machine (online as well as off).

They are certainly a star of the show and are reason enough to play this slot machine game, though you’re obviously going to try and do your best to win just as often as you can!

Special Feature

All the different special features that Mega Moolah puts on full display the most impressive has to be the four individual progressive jackpots that you’ll have the chance to hit.

This game has paid out the highest jackpot ever one on a mobile slot machine game ($3.7 million in cash), and a lot of that is all thanks to the progressive jackpots.

Final verdict

Those looking to dive right into some pretty serious online slot machine action are going to want to take a very close look at everything that the Mega Moolah game has to offer. It isn’t going to disappoint!