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kiss slot machine online

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A Review of Kiss Slot Machine

Kiss slot machineA company that claims to bring the application of science to the gaming world, WMS is known for creating many popular slot machine games. Based around different themes, their games manage to draw people in and tie together the theme with the gameplay. With that in mind, let’s take a second to review the Kiss slot machine game. How does it compare to their other themed slot machine games and is it worth your consideration? Let’s take a moment to find out.


Released at the 12th Global Gaming Expo, Kiss takes online slot machines to the next level. Kiss offers two games of a 5 by 4 reel and a 5 by 12 reel located besides one another. While the first provides 20 pay lines, the second provides 80 pay lines. Together, you have a total of 100 pay lines to choose from. The betting range for the game is between 10 cents and 5 dollars per pay line with a maximum bet of $250 and a maximum payout of $2,500 when you get the lead singer Gene Simmons’ tongue. The payout percentage for the slot machine game is 95.01%.

What Makes Kiss Unique?

The overall design of the game provides a unique play experience not found elsewhere. The band prizes as well as the Rock n Records free spin bonuses help to keep things interested. With a minimum of 8 free spins and a lot of options for additional features, Kiss manages to keep players hooked with an ever evolving gameplay. The nudging wilds, which appear on 1, 3, and 5 both expand in the same reel and extend over into the next reel dramatically increasing your chances of a payout. On top of all of this is the dynamic gameplay that will be familiar to any person who loves the band. Added together, you get an experience you will not find anywhere else.

What Do Players Think Of Kiss?

With thousands of votes in, people consider Kiss a better than average online slot machine game. In particular, Kiss manages to escape the trap that many games find themselves in where they are only able to draw the interest of those who love the theme. While Kiss certainly has that going for it, it also has a unique gameplay mechanic that keeps it interesting.

Putting It All Together

Want something challenging, refreshing, unique, engaging, and fun? If these are things you want, then Kiss is for you. If you are looking for a more traditional gaming experience or do not like the band Kiss or their music, then steer clear.