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Kings Ransom Wild Knights Review

While the Wild Knights online slots game from U.K. company Barcrest didn’t exactly set the world on fire, it did provide players with plenty of excitement. Tons of challenge, a plethora of features, and a straightforward experience that even novices could pick up and play were just a few of its defining features.

Now, Wild Knights and Barcrest are back with a new addition to the franchise. King’s Ransom endeavors to offer a little more visual and sonic flair for players. At the same time, the game works to bring you the gameplay and features you would expect from Barcrest. On both of those fronts, Wild Knights King’s Ransom has a lot that is worth getting excited about.

King’s Ransom Wild Knights Slot Review

Don’t be turned off by the fact that this 5X3/10 pay line slot game is in 2D. The renderings are nonetheless quite gorgeous, while the music and sound are more than adequate. As is often the case with Barcrest games, you can also expect pot bonuses, and free spins. The element of both shifting and stacking wilds is something else you will appreciate. 0.10 credits as the minimum means virtually anyone can try this game out at a low potential risk. If you want to put more on the table, you can wager as much as 30 credits. This makes King’s Ransom suitable for a wide range of players, from the experienced, to those who are just beginning to explore the potential of a good slots game.

And King’s Ransom is definitely a solid example of what we mean by a good slots game. The staggered RTP offers a great deal. While the 0.10-1.00 credit bets offer a long-term payout of 94%, things can get really interesting, when you are willing to make some bigger bets. Adding 2.00 or more credits to your bet ups the RTP to around 96%. If you score a win that’s greater than 5.00 credits, you will be whisked away to the Round Table bonus opportunity. Hitting this will cause a round table to spin in front of you, which will give you a multiplier or choice of knight for your unlimited-free-spin bonus chance. The free spin round is definitely the chance you’ve been waiting for, when it comes to coming out of this game a big winner.

King’s Ransom isn’t going to reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t really need to. The game offers a simple, fun experience that will please more often than not.