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ghostbusters slots free play

>>Play Ghostbusters Slot Machine With Slot Stars Casino <<

A Review of Ghostbusters Slot Game

Based in Canada, IGT has been known to release some truly amazing online slot machine games T&C's Apply. Developing a record that speaks for itself, IGT has recently added to their list of games with Ghostbusters. How does Ghostbuster compare to other slot machine games and is it worth your time or money? Let’s take a quick moment to find out.


ghostbusters slotsGhostbusters is a video slot machine game best known for the iconic franchise for which it gets its name as well as overall fun gameplay. It offers a total of 5 different progressive jackpots. In addition, the Ghostbusters slot machine game provides 30 options for paylines. Requiring a minimum of 50 credits per spin, a payline can be activated once 20 credits have been put into it. Another consideration for whether or not you should play are the 5 progressive jackpots offered by the game.

What Makes Ghostbusters Unique?

Popular clips from the movie series will play when special things happen. The slimmer icon will occasionally mock the player during bad spins and the Marshmallow Man will leave behind bonuses as well as specials. All in all, the unique aspect of this slot machine comes from how incredibly engaging it is. You will be entertained far more with Ghostbusters than other slot machine games out there. Bonus rounds including cash awards, Stay Puft, and Paranormal Pick are a great way to keep things interesting and exciting for those playing.

What Do Players Think Of Ghostbusters?

All in all, people love it. Receiving more than 4 stars in most polls, Ghostbusters manages to provide an entertaining experience that keeps people coming back again and again. In addition, the progressive jackpots offer a sense of accomplishments and play over time. The greatest thing about Ghostbusters as told by those who love playing it is how it manages to be a fully engaging experience. Sucking you in, you go for a ride that is never the same twice.

Putting It All Together

If you are looking for a basic, bare bones slot machine experience, then do not go with Ghostbusters. It will be far too engaging. The bonus rounds may not appeal to you as much. If however you want to play a slot machine game that has strategy, fun, and is fully engaging, then consider spending your money here. Those who choose Ghostbusters are more often than not quite happy with their choice.