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£10 No Deposit Get Bonus
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firestar slots machine

Play Firestar Slot Machine

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Firestar Review

How fast-paced do you want your slot games to be? If you like things to move quickly, and if you like the thrill of being able to potentially generate a major payout against impressive odds, Firestar is bound to impress you. iSoftBet has made every effort possible to give players a visually impressive, intense playing experience. The end result of those efforts, at least as far as Firestar is concerned, is an impressive slot game that is well worth your time and money.

Firestar Slot Review
This seven-reel slot game is going to grab your attention from the very beginning. Essential elements to any worthwhile classic reel slots game can be found here. At the same time, iSoftBet has worked impressively to add new features and other components. Without question, once you decide how much you’d like to bet for your first game, you are going to feel as though Firestar is the best of everything you can find at an online casino.

You will find that the game provides a number of betting possibilities. Furthermore, you will like the fact that Firestar makes every effort to ensure the game is as straightforward as possible. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience with slot games, you should find yourself picking up on everything Firestar offers in fairly short order. You will bet by choosing how many coins you would like to bet along each of the title’s fifty pay lines. You can then start the bet by hitting “Spin”, or you can use the “Bet Max” feature to spin with five coins per line. There is also an auto-spin feature, if you want to make Firestar play automatically.

Your first twenty-five pay lines will run from left to right. The second twenty-five pay lines will run from right to left. What you want to do is match up your symbols to any of the game’s fifty pay lines. Don’t forget about the wild symbols, which can significantly raise your odds of winning. A multiplier symbol can give you even greater winnings.

There are two more features that you will want to pay attention to. Getting a “Free Games” symbol along the middle row can give you anywhere from one to ten free plays. If you score the Radiation Sign in your middle row, you will be taken to the bonus round. Shooting the Ice Man can end with not only stealing his powers, but with getting his invaluable coins, as well.