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drop it slot


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Drop It Slot

Drop It endeavors to be the best of more than one world. It wants to be one of the most visually engaging, challenging, and pleasurable slot machine games you are ever going to come across. It also wants to bring you arcade-style thrills in the spirit of classic puzzle games like Tetris. Does it succeed in creating such a marriage, or is this another example of a game that only succeeds in half (if that) of its intended purpose?

As you will discover, Drop It is a winner on every front. It is a game with considerable crossover potential, for one thing. What this means is that even if you don’t particularly care for slots games, you are going to have a blast with this cascade-style game. If you still want to play something that brings to the table the core elements of a slot game, you should be fairly pleased with what this game offers.

In other words, Drop It has something for almost everyone.


Drop It Slot Machine Review

Drop It may seem simple, but things can get frenzied (in the best way possible) in a hurry. You don’t have to worry about pay lines with this game. All you really have to do is load up the game, watch the clusters drop, watch them explode, and then wait for the arrival of new symbols that can generate some significant big money wins. Gold Star symbols are just one example of what you can find here, but those are definitely the ones you want to watch for. A Gold Star symbol can connect you to some incredible bonus features, which can even include a free drop.

Play as low as 20p, but remember that you can go all the way up to £250. You can also use the Auto-Drop feature for upwards of forty drops, or until your bonus appears for even faster drops through Speed Drop Mode. Your payout is established through the Pay Table, and they will be a multiplier of your complete stake. For example, if you grab ten or more Gold Cup symbols, you’re going to walk away with 500 times your stake on that cluster alone. Multiple clusters can make things even better, and new possibilities for winning can appear, once the original winning combos have been taken away. Remember that five Gold Star symbols can set off the Mega Frenzy bonus, while four brings about the regular Frenzy bonus.

Overall, this is an extremely entertaining game.