Wolf Run Slot Machine

wolf run slot machine

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Wolf Run Slot Machine Review

wolf run slot machine
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There is a reason why all of the best online casinos are looking to have the IGT Wolf Run slot machine showcased on their “casino floor”, and that’s because it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular games ever designed or developed.
Everything about this title is top-notch, and we are talking about a premium slot machine game here is that (though it is 100% digital) can put most “real life” slot machines to shame!



Yes, there are definitely already quite a few themed slot machines in the “real world” as well as in most online casinos, but none of them (and we mean NONE of them) come close to the popularity of Wolf Run from IGT.
This Native American themed game offers one of the best jackpots around, and when you combine it with its high payout percentage you are talking about something truly special right here. Stacked wild symbols, free spin bonuses, and multiple pay lines make this a very attractive game for beginners as well as more experienced online players alike.


A lot of the different new slot machine games be made available online have gameplay experiences that are a little bit difficult to get a handle on, but that’s not true of this new IGT title.
Wolf Run offers multiple reels and multiple pay lines (20 pay lines, to be exact) but you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or that you have to come up with a brand-new gaming strategy when you play this slot machine.
Payouts are significant (and are always larger when there are wolves on the real), and there’s a higher percentage that you’ll hit the jackpot with this title and most other games out there.


Like all other modern slot machine games been produced by IGT the graphics of Wolf Run are absolutely off the charts in the best ways possible.
The Native American imagery is well done and incredibly tasteful, the graphics are in super high definition, and when you combine those graphics with the sound effects that this game showcases you are looking at a gaming experience quite unlike anything else.

Special Feature

Free spins are well and good (and becoming a lot more common today than they ever used to be), but the Howling Wolf symbol – the wild symbol for Wolf Run – will have you winning bonuses upwards of 15,000 times your initial bet.
Talk about jackpot potential!

Final verdict

Though there are already lots of different online slot machines to play (and more being added every single day) Wolf Run has been able to dominate the online slot machine market in ways that most people never would have expected possible.
Check out this title today – you won’t be disappointed! Also make sure to grab , and have some fun for free.

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