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Wild Times Review

wild times slot
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There is no question that when it comes to classic fruit machines, Barcrest has established a significant standard for combining style and substance in the best way possible. Wild Times is just one example of the classic fruit machine concept that the software provider offers . However, whether you are a fan of these types of slot games, or if you just love simple, fast-paced games, Wild Times can offer a great deal check out various bonus.


Wild Times Slot Review

To begin with, no one is going to claim Wild Times is a revolutionary addition to the world of slot games. Maybe so, but when you have something as intensely enjoyable as this game, does it really matter if the title is some sort of game-changer or not? The 3-reel fruit machine concept is alive and well here. Yet at the same time, Barcrest has made a number of alterations and improvements. While these changes are fairly subtle in tone, they are nonetheless significant.

Multiplying wilds and the ability to win both ways are two pleasing elements to the game. At the same time, Barcrest also includes a slightly different, although very much welcomed approach to their popular big bet feature. This is what we mean about Wild Times’ ability to offer everything you might want from the classical fruit machine genre, while also seeking to give players some new experiences.

The graphics will be one of the first things you notice about the game. To be sure, these games can only do so much in this department. At the same time, Wild Times offers some of the most brilliant graphics ever created for a classic fruit slot machine. It’s difficult to imagine this game becoming dated anytime soon. In fact, don’t be surprised if you catch a land-based Vegas-style video slot vibe from this game, rather than the feeling that you are just playing a standard classic fruit title. Your big wins will include some of the most impressive animated sequences you have ever come across. Barcrest clearly went above and beyond the general expectations of this specific type of slot. The audio quality of Wild Times is also extremely impressive.

The 0.10 min credit bet is worth noting. The max win of 500.00 is also worth keeping in mind. No one is going to call this a high roller title, but there is still some meaningful money potential. The inclusion of features like the lucky spinning wheel bonus keeps things consistently entertaining.

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