Rainbow Riches Pick And Mix Slot

A Review Of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Slots

Themes are crucial to slots they provide a story and narrative that keeps the excitement up. A theme can go a long way to adding to the experience. When the imagery and story of the theme is tied in really well, the end result is something amazing. Striving towards this goal, slot machine companies like Barcrest strive to produce a game that will so engaging that people won’t switch. Were they able to do this with Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slots? Let’s take a moment to find out


Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Slot Machine
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Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is an online slot machine game best known for its theme and bonus features. Playing heavily on the concept of the luck of the Irish, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a free to play as well as paid slots experience. A common enough theme in slot machines (think IGT’s Shamrockers,) what pushes the Irish theme and makes it worthy of your consideration is the gameplay. 5 columns allow for 20 fixed pay lines for you to choose from. Bets are arranged in 3 tiers that change the chances of hitting bonuses and getting winnings. Wins are typically small and in line with other Barcrest games.

What Makes Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Unique?

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix manages to combine the things that people love about Barcrest along with a few new ideas that are unique to this slot machine game. Central to why Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is unique is the incredible number of fun bonuses that can happen. For example, the Roads To Riches bonus allows a leprechaun to spin the wheel to see how much you get in terms of bonuses. In addition, there is always the fun and rewarding Pot Of Gold bonus. With a max win of 500 credits, it is hard not to want to continue playing until you score big.

What Do Players Think Of Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix?

The game receives generally favorable reviews with 4 out of 5 stars. People are turned off by the minor wins but love the options for bonuses and the overall theme.

Putting It All Together

If you like monster sized payouts, then consider going with a different slot machine game. Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is designed for smaller more frequent wins that will keep you engaged for a long time to come. If this is your preferred play style and you like the theme, then you can’t go wrong with Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix.

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