Railroad Riches Slots

Railroad Riches

Far and away one of the most exciting slot machines to really capture the mood, the feel, and the atmosphere of Westward expansion in nearly days of US history, you are going to be absolutely blown away by Railroad Riches the slot machine.

Everything about this game is a bit of a throwback (except for the potential to hit a significant jackpot – maybe even enough to buy your own railroad), but it is all done so well that it’s impossible not to fall in love with this game the same way that you have so many others!


Simple, straightforward, and a lot of fun, you are going to be entranced by Railroad Riches from the very first moment you jump on the game to play.

Set up with five reels and 25 different pay lines, this video slot machine offers online as well as mobile playability options. You’ll also have the chance to hit “Wild” and “Scatter” symbols that improve your odds of winning significantly, and though there aren’t any progressive jackpots there are multiple bonuses that you have the chance to hit that can significantly boost your jackpot.


Gameplay is absolutely effortless when you jump on the Railroad Riches game.

Betting is very simple and straightforward (across all 25 different pay lines), and the minimum bet starts at a single penny so that even new players can jump right in on the action without having to worry about sinking their entire bank account into the game.


The graphics of Railroad Riches are top-notch, with a perfect blend between the Wild West aesthetic of early Westward expansion and the modern glitz and glam that everyone expects from their favorite slot machines these days.

The look and feel of this game is very immersive, and you shouldn’t be all that surprised to find out that you are able to spend hours and hours playing this game at a clip just because of its ability to transport you to somewhere really special.

Special Feature

There aren’t any progressive jackpots here, but the “Wild” and “Scatter” symbols definitely help you land bigger jackpots then you would have been able to otherwise. 25 different pay lines makes for a lot of opportunities to win big, and the autoplay and auto bet settings are pretty special as well.

Final verdict

If you would love nothing more than to check out what life was like during the construction of the transcontinental railroad, or just want to spend some time in the Old West while playing some slots, Railroad Riches has everything that you’re after and more!

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