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A Review Of Pixies Of The Forest

Designing award winning games and lottery systems around the world, International Game Technology (IGT) is a company known for creating top quality slot machine games. With an ever expanding line of games to choose from, IGT ensures that you will have a smooth, fun experience that is both engaging and exciting. So, how does IGT do when looking at their Pixies Of The Forest slot machine game? Let’s take a moment to find out.

Pixies Of The Forest Slots
pixies of the forest slots
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Pixies of the Forest is a video slot machine game designed by IGT best known for its featured tumbling reels and its great gameplay. Offering a total of 5 reels, Pixies of the Forest is different from many other slot machine games because it does not have a progressive payment system. Instead, it offers 99 pay lines with countless options for those who love to personalize their gambling experience. A 33 coin slot, the fixed number of 33 coins in play is mandatory for each spin of the reel. It is up to you to change the denomination of the coins, allowing you to place bets that range from very low to very high. A free version of the game is offered for you to see what it is like prior to playing with actual money.

You can check out our page to find bonuses for Pixies of the forest slot game.

What Helps To Make Pixies of the Forest Unique?

Pixies of the Forest offers a maximum of 11 free spins that help to increase the odds of you hitting three bonus symbols. Beyond the additions that make Pixies of the Forest unique, the smooth gameplay is another reason why it is worth playing. A great addition by IGT, Pixies of the Forest has managed to win out thanks to its gameplay. While other slot machines focus on flashy looks or betting options only, Pixies of the Forest manages to be fantastic all around.

How Does Pixies of the Forest Compare?

Overall, Pixies of the Forest receives incredibly high marks. A little above 4 and a half stars out of 5, Pixies of the Forest is strongest at gameplay and value and weakest at bonuses and graphics. Fluid and dynamic to play, it is intuitive enough to get your bearings. Enjoying the experience, you will quickly discover for yourself why Pixies of the Forest is so highly rated. If nothing else, Pixies of the Forest is a great game for those new to online slots and for those who want a simple, solid experience.

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