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Genie Jackpots

One of the coolest online slot machines you’re going to have the chance to play today, Genie Jackpots will have you wishing for an oversized payout every single time you hit the spin button!

The most impressive thing about this game is just how immersive the entire experience is. You feel like you are cruising around on a magic carpet waiting for your wishes to come true as far as striking it rich is concerned.

Genie Jackpot Slot Game
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Check out everything we have to say about Genie Jackpots below!


Developed by Ash Gaming with five different reels and 20 different pay lines that you have the chance to play, this slot machine also includes progressive jackpots which means he you can’t really crank out a significant jackpot if you hit it big.

Autoplay is a big part of this online game, and when you’re talking about the Wild Symbol and the chance to win free bonus spins you’re really looking at something special here.


At the end of the day, it’s really easy to win big when you are playing Genie Jackpots.
As we touched on above, there are five different action reels that you will be able to play with 20 different pay lines across the board – and throw in the progressive jackpot opportunities and things become really exciting every single time you hit the spin button.

Trigger the “Mystery Win Bonus” on reels one and three and you’ll find that the Genie shows up himself and dumps a whole load of treasure into your account. You’ll also be able to pick one of three different lamps as part of this bonus, and if you collect multiple lamps you can combine their bonuses together.


Graphics are a big part of online slot machines, and the graphics here in Genie Jackpots are right up there with the best of all the different high definition games available to play. Let’s just say that you’ll find this game to be one of the best looking around!

Special Feature

That “Mystery Win Bonus” we mentioned above is probably going to be the biggest special feature that you will be able to enjoy on a regular basis, but it is the progressive jackpots that will shoot your winnings right through the roof. If you have the progressive jackpot (even on a minimum bet of just a single penny) you’ll be able to clean house with your winnings.

Final verdict

You definitely want to check out everything that Genie Jackpots brings to the table as far as online and mobile slot machines are concerned. It’s considered to be one of the best available on the market today, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular.

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