Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row Slot Game

A Review of Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row

Finding the right slot machine game for you can be challenging. With hundreds of options out there and more being added every day, finding the right experience depends on what you are looking for as well as an overall straightforward and fun experience. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row to see whether or not it is the right game for your time and money. Along with reviewing the basics, we will take a close look at what makes this game unique and worth playing.

Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row

Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row is a video slot machine game that is probably best known for its theme. Timeless and fun to play, the gameplay is all about stealing metals and gems, making heists, and getting rich while dodging the cops. The game itself consists of 20 pay lines. With 5 pay lines, your goal is to get 5 matching symbols across any pay line you put in. 3 matching symbols in a row still gets you something as well.

What Makes Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row Unique?

Well, some would say it is the graphics. Far below the competition in terms of looks, the aesthetics could use a bit of an update. Some like it for being as simple as it is. What really makes the game unique is the bonus game that offers bonus wilds, reel morph, fast forward, and rewind options. These allow for you to go for the jackpot in the game. 5 golden keys will win you the jackpot while 3 will win you a minor jackpot.

What Do Players Think Of Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row?

Opinions are all over the place when it comes to this online slot machine. Many people love the simplistic look and the gameplay feel. Many more enjoy the plot of the game and your objectives while playing. Those who dislike the game are typically looking for more options or would otherwise want a better looking slot machine game. While not for everyone, Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row manages to score well overall, passing with at least 3 out of 5 stars in most polls.

Putting It All Together

Is Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row the right slot machine game for you? If you are new, you may want to steer clear and go with something more approachable. However, if you have some experience or simply love the theme, then Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row will be a great game for you.

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