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Cash Stax Slot Machine
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Cash Stax is another slot machine game from UK company Barcrest. If you know your slots, then you probably already know Barcrest has been releasing high-quality slot titles and more for a number of years. Every element to Cash Stax indicates that this game is only going to continue the trend Barcrest as created.

While the game is currently available only through the U.K. online market, this is perhaps the only major downside to Cash Stax. In terms of delivering an exciting, visually pleasing experience, Cash Stax appears to a big winner on every necessary front. <<To Play This Slot For Real Money Click Here>>.

Cash Stax Slot Review

While Cash Stax is fairly similar to the game Action Bank in various regards, it is worth noting that Cash Stax still does a nice job of standing on its own. Your main symbols for Cash Stax are going to be the bar, the 7, the x, and the white circle. The right combination is going to give you the free spin opportunity, and you will also want to take note of the Big Bet feature. With this element to the game, your bet size can potentially give you the opportunity to play on thirty pay lines, rather than the normal range of ten to twenty pay lines.

Your maximum payout potential is another nice aspect to your Cash Stax experience. If you bet between 10 and 20 pay lines, you can score a payout that can be five hundred times greater than what you bet. If you opt for the Big Bet feature, your earnings can be seventy-five times your standing total. There is no doubt that when it comes to winning big, Cash Stax gives you plenty of opportunities. At the same time, the game also makes it easy to pick up, learn the basics, and try your luck. If you are new to the world of slot machine games, this is one you can definitely use to get a sense of how these games are generally played.

Remember you can multiply your wins even further. In some cases, it is possible to multiply your win by five during your free spin. To grab that free spin, you are going to need to a minimum of one white circle transformed into a golden ring. €10 or €20 bets are your options for Big Bets that you can choose to play during Cash Spin. Wild symbols are also available across all five reels. You can even find them stacked on all reels.

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