Austin Powers Slot Machine

A Review of Austin Powers Slot

A product of Blueprint Gaming, the Austin Powers slot machine game is one among countless themed games currently available for those looking to gamble online. Whether or not the game will appeal to you depends on a number of different factors. Below we review Austin Powers and get to the bottom of whether or not the game itself is worth your time or attention.

Austin Powers

Based on the set of satirical movies made in the past decade, Austin Powers is a slot machine game probably best known for its additional features and bonuses. The game offers players 5 reels and a range of pay lines to choose from. The characters from the movies make their appearance in the game depending on the situation, offering a range of unique situations that help to keep gameplay interesting. In addition, there is a .25 coin minimum per turn, meaning that people can bet very little if they are so inclined.

What Makes Austin Powers Unique?

Austin Powers is a fun game that focuses more on creating a good time than strictly gambling. A full plot is included where symbols will change depending on where you are in the timeline of the story. Characters will appear over time, new gambling situations will arise, and multipliers will be unique to certain events. There are multiple prize multipliers that will dramatically increase the amount you can win. A lot of the fun will come from stacking bonuses and wilds to make even more from your spins. The Shagwell Stakes and It’s Groovy baby multipliers and bonuses will keep you hooked through this theme heavy trip down memory lane.

What Do Players Think Of Austin Powers?

At 4 out of 5 stars across the board, Austin Powers manages to provide solid gameplay that will appeal to those who love the movies. However, without interest in the movies, many of the themes and bonuses will be lost to the player. Getting full value from the experience comes from having familiarity with characters and enjoyment of the plot of the movies. In that way, Austin Powers does what many other theme games do by bringing in those who know Austin Powers. Beyond die hard fans, it may be hard for people to find the game over the competition out there.

Putting It All Together

If you love Austin Powers, then this slot machine game is a must. If you love bonuses, surprises, and interactive slot machine gameplay, then you should also consider it. If you want a toned down gambling experience, then consider going with something more basic.

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