Rio Bingo Review

Rio Bingo Review

When it comes to online bingo websites, there is no question that Rio Bingo is pretty impressive. With so many different possibilities for online bingo sites out there, you can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the massive volume of sites. Rio Bingo utilizes the Dragonfish software, which is definitely one of the best examples of online bingo software to be found anywhere.

Furthermore, Rio Bingo comes to us from the makers of some of the best bingo sites online. Costa Bingo, City Bingo, and Fancy Bingo are a few of the examples that have come to us from these guys. In other words, if you are looking for an online bingo site that is going to prove to be safe and a ton of fun, you have definitely come to a worthwhile destination.

Rio Bingo Games And Features
Given that Rio Bingo is part of a larger family of online bingo game websites, you might be inclined to think your experience here is going to be pretty much the same as it would be at City Bingo, Fancy Bingo, or any of the others. You couldn’t be more wrong, which is certainly one of the best features to this website. A number of fantastic, appealing promotions are made available at this site. For example, Samba Surprise makes it so that you only discover the card prices and prizes once the prior game has been completed.

While there are promotions and other attractions that can be found at all of these sites, it is worth keeping in mind that Rio Bingo features a number of exclusives. In other words, there are a number of reasons to compel you to check out the site on its own terms. Slots and scratch cards are also available.

The two most popular variations of the game are available here. You’re also going to be absolutely love the loyalty scheme, which is impressive, to say the least.

Rio Bingo Pros And Cons
A total of thirteen rooms are available, offering 90-ball and 75-ball bingo variants. Five free rooms are available, offering free cash prizes with every single session. Another thing about this site is the fact that it can work with a variety of price ranges. Prices start at just 1p. The Beach Party room in particular is going to be worth a serious look. Starting at 5p, you can walk away with prizes as high as £50 for every single game.

A wide assortment of impressive chat games are also available.

The loyalty scheme is worth discussing in greater detail. It really is one of the best you’re going to come across. The Diamond Club gives you the ability to earn a diamond for every £1 you wager. You can not only use the diamonds at Rio Bingo, but you can actually carry these diamonds over to the other websites that are offered through this company. Remember that when it comes to the Diamond Club, the higher your tier, the more opportunities you will have to play in exclusive free rooms.

Having launched a little over two years ago, Rio Bingo is definitely a standout. While the website obviously isn’t going to mean much to anyone who doesn’t really care about bingo games, fans of either of the two variants offered here are certainly going to feel as though they have come to the right place. This site offers fast, friendly competition. The stakes are minimum, but the prizes are well worth going after. The visuals and sounds of the site create a nice, straightforward atmosphere. This is an excellent bingo site for anyone who wants to enjoy fun, intense playing opportunities.

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